What I want after SPM are finish ?

salam guys !

erm..right ! actually what I to choose for my course after SPM ? ERGHH ! pening la ! I'm really don't know what to choose..with my trial result, I'm sure that I can't choose engineering, biology and anything about mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology..Its really killing me ! yay ! why it so difficult ?? my others friends also like me don't know what to choose..okey..lets thinks about that awhile...........................................
okey, done ! I thinks I will choose one from the lists :
  1. education
  2. law
  3. history
  4. international political
haha ! what ?? just that ?? syukurlah a'tirah ! but before that I must choose whether to get into matrikulasi, form 6, diploma or foundation (asasi)..erm, my dad suggest to me to choose law..ya, why not ? no one brave to disturb or attack me..lets choose and try it..therefore, I also love to know about law..maybe I'll not to get into matrikulasi and just choose form 6, diploma or foundation..yes ! fighting for that !
wish me good luck for my spm and my future..until then..wassalam..

p/s : I'm trying to increase my English language especially on my vocab, grammar and pronouns..please, don't laugh at me ya ?? :))

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